One of the largest manufacturers of abrasive grain and fused mineral products in the world, Henan Superior Abrasives offers a rich array of abrasive grain and specialty fused minerals from its multi-plant locations.

We can supply Silicon Carbide, Ceramic Block, Diamond wheel, Diamond Drill, Diamond Cutting Wheel, Diamond Wire.

Some of our products include

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Henan Superior Abrasives has the technical skills and advanced equipment to adjust our products to your specifications. In fact, we specialize in making materials to meet your exact specifications.

Tell us what you’re looking for in a material and we can manufacture it to your exact technical specifications including: chemistry, particle size distribution, bulk density, and grain shape.

Diamond wheel


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Who we are? specialized in general abrasives, superabrasives and its products.

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Project completed : Project of custom design compact EAF for B4C production is successfully completed. ( Jan.,2017 )

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